One of the Best Ways to Grow Your LinkedIn Network 😉

Adam Marx
2 min readApr 19, 2022

What’s one of the best (and quickest!!) ways to grow your network on LinkedIn?

Like this! 👇

Find a post that really speaks to you, lurk in the comments, & look for great ways to engage. (I wrote about my “lucrative strategy of lurking” a few years ago. It’s something that needs to be done with nuance, but when it works, it really works.).

But that doesn’t mean just blow up the poster’s notifications by just replying “great comment 👍” to every person who comments on it. There’s nothing in that kind of strategy that can be fodder for a great dialogue — all you’re really doing is taking up space in a spammy type of way.

Perhaps even worse, doing that is a sure-fire way to indicate that you’re not interested in creating any real value, either for the commenter or the poster. This is especially something you don’t want to do when trying to build your network.

Instead, be more selective, and be engaging in a way that invites further dialogue. 🤔

This morning, one of the people I respect & follow on LinkedIn posted a great piece about sales & long-term strategy that I really connected with.

So I spent some time lurking in the comments. I tried to create some value for the commenters whom I thought were posting interesting takes on the topic. This is one of my networking tactics that, from the outside, looks like a superpower.

But anyone could do it!

These are your on-ramps to broader conversations! 🚗

This is where great relationship-building & networking start! 💥

Because once you have a positive interaction with someone in the comments, it gives you the opportunity to reach out in a positive way and see about connecting and continuing the dialogue.

I love this strategy because it’s based around creating value for others. 🙌

And the best part is you don’t need to talk about creating value; you’re exhibiting that you understand how to do it. Don’t spend time trying to “out-think” other people when it comes to building relationships. Just go out and try to create positive dialogue opportunities with them.

The rest will eventually fall into place.

Double-down on bringing value to someone else’s comment thread & see where those dialogue-starters can lead you! 👏

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