You Belong — This Is How Great Networkers Think

Adam Marx
2 min readMar 14, 2022


If you’re feeling like “you don’t belong,” lemme tell you something:

You do — and this is exactly how I know! 👇

When I entered the startup tech world in 2014, I was fighting preconceptions daily — sometimes even my own. ☝️

I didn’t seem to check any of the “right” boxes:

I didn’t write code.

❌ I didn’t live in San Francisco (or have any plans to move there).

❌ I wasn’t in an accelerator or incubator.

❌ I was working on a startup in an area considered “finished and over”.

And yet:

I still carved out my own niche and reputation. 🙌

In retrospect, so much of it revolved not only around putting out what I was confident in what I knew, but learning how to communicate it to others.

Building dialogues and relationships was critical to moving forward and finding out where I “belonged”.

Networking supercharged my entire trajectory. ⚡

Yeah — some days it was really tough to close my ears to the noise and focus on the goal.

But I still built a magnetic network with some of the most influential people in tech. 🚀

I did it by doing what I believe everyone can:

Embracing my own talents that I could bring to the table and creating a rapport with the people whom I wanted access to. 🔥

To me, tech startups are about changing the world we live in and that starts with changing perceptions; of others and ourselves.

Don’t let anyone tell you that you don’t belong because you don’t check some abstract boxes. 📦

So often these abstract check-boxes distract from the truly important things.

Be tenacious — don’t give up. ✊

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