Women Who Rock, Part III

See Part I here: Women Who Rock, Part I

See Part II here: Women Who Rock, Part II

Part III

  1. Pardis Sabeti (Vocals) — Thousand Days — Boston, Massachusetts, USA
  2. Paige Coley (Vocals/Guitar) — Kinder Than Wolves — Orlando, Florida, USA
  3. Sydney Eloise (Vocals) — Sydney Eloise & The Palms — Atlanta, Georgia, USA
  4. Melissa Z. (Vocals/Keyboards/Glockenspiel) — I Shot Samo — Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  5. Cornelia Silsbee (Vocals) — Ginger and the Snaps — New York City, New York, USA
  6. Theresa Jeane (Vocals/Keyboards) — The Nearly Deads — Nashville, Tennessee, USA
  7. Mishkin Fitzgerald (Vocals/Piano) — Birdeatsbaby — Brighton, England, UK
  8. Mieka Jewett (Vocals/Various) — Centaurus — New York City, New York, USA
  9. Trixie Rasputin (Vocals) — The Mud Lords — San Francisco, California, USA
  10. Nicole Gibson (Vocals) — The Alibi — Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  11. Claire LeMaster (Vocals) — A Reluctant Arrow — Oxford, England, UK
  12. Grace Jermusyk (Vocals/Guitar) — The Acorn People — Murfreesboro, Tennessee, US
  13. Katya Shabunevich (Vocals/Bass) — Kreepy Krush — Minsk, Belarus
  14. Lauren Patti (Vocals/Guitar) — Solo — New Jersey, USA
  15. Angela Matzer (Vocals) — Lucille’s Voodoo — Graz, Austria
  16. Gabrielle Byrnes (Vocals) — Copper Crown — Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  17. Mamen Vercet (Vocals) — Transparentes — Alicante, Spain
  18. Carissa Johnson (Vocals/Guitar) — Solo — Boston, Massachusetts, USA
  19. Kylie Brown (Vocals/Keyboards) — Haunted Ghost Town — Sunnyvale, California, USA
  20. Ashley Weis (Vocals) — Carousel Scene — Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
  21. Randi Stickles (Vocals) — Blaine the Mono — Orlando, Florida, USA
  22. Sonia Sturino (Drums/Vocals) — Weakened Friends — Boston, Massachusetts, USA
  23. Jade Murray (Vocals) — Wicked Faith — Norwich, England, UK
  24. Kerrie T. (Vocals) — Dr. Beardface and the Spaceman — Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  25. Hannah Maddox (Vocals) — Scarlet Canary — Denver, Colorado, USA

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Master Relationship Builder @Zero2OneNetwork 🚀 | @ATLTechVillage Advisor 😎 | Speaker 🎙️ | Prev. CEO @glipple + published @crunchbase, @mattermark + more ✍️

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Adam Marx

Adam Marx

Master Relationship Builder @Zero2OneNetwork 🚀 | @ATLTechVillage Advisor 😎 | Speaker 🎙️ | Prev. CEO @glipple + published @crunchbase, @mattermark + more ✍️

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