Women Who Rock, Part II

See Part I here: Women Who Rock, Part I

List II

  1. Jovanovic (Vocals/Bass) — Anyone’s Guess — Orlando, Florida, USA
  2. Jessica Perry (Vocals/Keyboards) — Vanilla Sugar — Dallas, Texas, USA
  3. Lexi Elven (Vocals) — Hoopdriver — London, England, USA
  4. Chanel Martins (Vocals) — Darkstone Crows — Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  5. Eleni RavanisBlack Ally — Leeds, England, UK
  6. Deanna Petcoff (Vocals/Guitar) — Pins & Needles — Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  7. Elissa (Vocals) — Molly Rhythm — Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  8. Frida Lidgren (Bass) — Novembervägen — Stockholm, Sweden
  9. Beth Blade (Vocals/Guitar) — Beth Blade and the Beautiful Disasters — Cardiff, Wales, UK
  10. Laura Jordan (Vocals/Synths) — Permission to Panic — Brooklyn, New York, USA
  11. Jen Demeris (Vocals) — Darla and the Blonde — London, England, UK
  12. Miranda Miller (Vocals/Keyboards) — Hey Violet — Los Angeles, California, USA
  13. Gin Sexsmith (Vocals) — Sexsmith — Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  14. Catherine Laurin (Vocals) — Cosmophone — Trois-Rivières, Quebec, Canada
  15. Jess Coram (Vocals/Guitar) — The Mis-Made — Sydney, Australia
  16. Charlotte-Jayne Gilpin (Vocals) — Dream State — South Wales, UK
  17. Leanor Ortega Till (Vocals) — The Fast Feeling — Denver, Colorado, USA
  18. Kayla Smith (Vocals/Guitar) — The Scars Heal In Time — Houston, Texas, USA
  19. Meta Dead (Vocals/Guitar) — The Dead Deads — Nashville, Tennessee, USA
  20. Luisa Jordán (Vocals) — No Damn Good — Cascais, Portuga
  21. Naia Izumi (Guitar/Vocals) — Utena — Los Angeles, California, USA
  22. Chelsea Zareczny (Guitar/Vocals) — Lion’s Mouth — Appleton, Wisconsin, USA
  23. Lindsey-Paige McCloy (Vocals/Guitar) — Patio — Brooklyn, New York, USA
  24. Lauren Green (Vocals/Guitar) — Mirror Travel — Austin, Texas, USA
  25. Greta Fuso (Vocals/Bass) — Vivienne the Witch — Perugia, Italy

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Adam Marx

Adam Marx

Master Relationship Builder @Zero2OneNetwork 🚀 | @ATLTechVillage Advisor 😎 | Speaker 🎙️ | Prev. CEO @glipple + published @crunchbase, @mattermark + more ✍️

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