Women Who Rock, Part I

Because women kill it in the music business too \m/

Why I’m Doing This

So I will be publishing a series of short posts today with simple lists: these artists’ names, their basic band role and/or instrument(s), the stage moniker, and where they come from. Each list will have twenty-five (25) entries apiece. Take a moment to appreciate these women; the music industry benefits in huge ways from their talent and involvement.

Music is about expression and inclusivity — let’s keep it that way.

List I

  1. Britta Raci (Vocals/Guitar) — It’s Butter — Los Angeles, California, USA
  2. Chelsea Shag (Vocals/Guitar) — Solo — Atlanta, Georgia, USA
  3. Georgina Daniels (Vocals/Various) — I Talk to Strangers — London, England, UK
  4. Maja Shining (Vocals) — Forever Still — Copenhagen, Denmark
  5. Sami Michelsen (Vocals) — Alchemy — Atlanta, Georgia, USA
  6. Pearl Turner (Vocals/Guitar) — Skyline — Austin, Texas, USA
  7. Amanda Hamers (Bass/Vocals) — Sunshine & Bullets — Tampa, Florida, USA
  8. Donata Sounds (Vocals) — Cherry White — London, England, UK
  9. Margarita Jane (Vocals) — Heel — London, England, UK
  10. Edvina Fahlqvist (Bass/Vocals) — Jeeps — London, England, UK
  11. Melissa Menago (Vocals/Guitar) — June Divided — Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  12. Rachel Mayer (Vocals) — Hour 24 — Temperance, Michigan, USA
  13. Lee Moretti (Vocals/Guitar/Piano) — The Furies — Boston, Massachusetts, USA
  14. Sara Elizabeth (Vocals) — Bloody Diamonds — Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  15. Freya Wilcox (Vocals/Guitar) — Freya Wilcox & The Howl — Brooklyn, New York, USA
  16. Christina Marie (Vocals) — A Truth Divides — Fall River, Massachusetts, USA
  17. Rebecca Keogh (Vocals) — She Speaks — Kildare, Ireland
  18. Tory Anne Daines (Vocals/Violin/Keyboards) — Fair Panic — Wayne, New Jersey, USA
  19. Antoinette Cooper (Vocals) — Bouquet of Dead Crows — London, England, UK
  20. Lauren Babic (Vocals) — Red Handed Denial — Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  21. Doireann Waters (Vocals/Guitar) — Suan — Athy, Ireland
  22. Hannah Wicklund (Vocals/Guitar) — The Steppin Stones — Nashville, Tennessee, USA
  23. Nikki Layne (Vocals) — Lucid Fly — Los Angeles, California, USA
  24. Zoë Kissel (Vocals/Guitar) — Sidewatcher — Detroit, Michigan, USA
  25. Jaycee Clark (Vocals) — A Light Divided — Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA

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