Women Who Rock, Part I

Because women kill it in the music business too \m/

Adam Marx
2 min readJan 21, 2017

Why I’m Doing This

With all the #WomensMarch’s going on in a bunch of different cities today, I wanted to take a moment and shine a spotlight on so many of the women in the music industry who probably and criminally overlook or underrated, either because of their gender, the fact that many of these artists are in independent groups, or both.

So I will be publishing a series of short posts today with simple lists: these artists’ names, their basic band role and/or instrument(s), the stage moniker, and where they come from. Each list will have twenty-five (25) entries apiece. Take a moment to appreciate these women; the music industry benefits in huge ways from their talent and involvement.

Music is about expression and inclusivity — let’s keep it that way.

List I

  1. Britta Raci (Vocals/Guitar) — It’s Butter — Los Angeles, California, USA
  2. Chelsea Shag (Vocals/Guitar) — Solo — Atlanta, Georgia, USA
  3. Georgina Daniels (Vocals/Various) — I Talk to Strangers — London, England, UK
  4. Maja Shining (Vocals) — Forever Still — Copenhagen, Denmark
  5. Sami Michelsen (Vocals) — Alchemy — Atlanta, Georgia, USA
  6. Pearl Turner (Vocals/Guitar) — Skyline — Austin, Texas, USA
  7. Amanda Hamers (Bass/Vocals) — Sunshine & Bullets — Tampa, Florida, USA
  8. Donata Sounds (Vocals) — Cherry White — London, England, UK
  9. Margarita Jane (Vocals) — Heel — London, England, UK
  10. Edvina Fahlqvist (Bass/Vocals) — Jeeps — London, England, UK
  11. Melissa Menago (Vocals/Guitar) — June Divided — Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  12. Rachel Mayer (Vocals) — Hour 24 — Temperance, Michigan, USA
  13. Lee Moretti (Vocals/Guitar/Piano) — The Furies — Boston, Massachusetts, USA
  14. Sara Elizabeth (Vocals) — Bloody Diamonds — Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  15. Freya Wilcox (Vocals/Guitar) — Freya Wilcox & The Howl — Brooklyn, New York, USA
  16. Christina Marie (Vocals) — A Truth Divides — Fall River, Massachusetts, USA
  17. Rebecca Keogh (Vocals) — She Speaks — Kildare, Ireland
  18. Tory Anne Daines (Vocals/Violin/Keyboards) — Fair Panic — Wayne, New Jersey, USA
  19. Antoinette Cooper (Vocals) — Bouquet of Dead Crows — London, England, UK
  20. Lauren Babic (Vocals) — Red Handed Denial — Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  21. Doireann Waters (Vocals/Guitar) — Suan — Athy, Ireland
  22. Hannah Wicklund (Vocals/Guitar) — The Steppin Stones — Nashville, Tennessee, USA
  23. Nikki Layne (Vocals) — Lucid Fly — Los Angeles, California, USA
  24. Zoë Kissel (Vocals/Guitar) — Sidewatcher — Detroit, Michigan, USA
  25. Jaycee Clark (Vocals) — A Light Divided — Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA

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