Why Empathy Is a Critical Networking Skill

Adam Marx
2 min readMar 8, 2022


Today let’s talk about empathy. 🙌

Here’s why it’s one of the most critical networking skills:

So many people think that empathy creates a “weak” persona or a lack of confidence in your projection.

This is dead wrong. ☝️

Do some people misinterpret empathy as weakness?

Sure, there are always some of those people out there.

But the critical thing is that these AREN’T the people you want in your network anyway! 💥

Because the opposite is in fact true:

Empathy actually ALLOWS you to be the most dynamic person in the room — it allows you to be the conduit between so many others.

It’s actually a real superpower! 😉🔥

When you’re not focused on your own ego, you can turn that focus to building staggering networks. 📈

This is precisely how I became the Zero to One Networker.

Don’t feel that you need to be a jerk to build a dynamic and powerful network.

Actually, being a jerk could prevent you from doing just that. 🤔

While some people may believe that “nice guys finish last,” let me tell you something:

Empathetic people are often the ones who have the warm intros and connections that you want.


Because they’re the people whom others want to emulate and be around — the ones whom people feel happy to support. 🙌💥

Invest in yourself by investing in empathetic networking. 🚀

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Adam Marx

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