When Your New Employee Doesn’t Show Up!

Adam Marx
2 min readMar 30, 2022

Recently, my friend was expecting to go to work and train her new employee.

Then this happened — we were both shocked! 👇😱

The person never showed up!

Okay, some quick backstory:

My friend hired someone to fill a general administrative role in her office.

From what she told me after, the person seemed like a good fit, got through the interviews, and seemed like a good candidate. ✅

Here’s the problem:

When they failed to show up, it wasn’t even possible to contact them!

I asked my friend: “Did you try texting them? Sometimes there are emergencies, people get into car accidents, etc.” 🤔

She then shocks me by saying: “I tried — they blocked my number and email!”

I was flabbergasted. 😱😳

To walk away from a job is one thing — to each their own.

But to simply fail to show up on the first day?

And go even further to block the phone number & email of your new company?? 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

This is how you can absolutely decimate your reputation. 📉

And what does one gain from this??

If you don’t want a job, don’t take it — but don’t kill your reputation in the process *over nothing*. 🙄

Always think about your network — because people remember things like this and it gets around.

Call up — even last minute — and say you had an emergency or you had to focus on a different priority.

Just *anything* to keep from leaving someone in the lurch. ☝️

Why close future doors on yourself if you don’t have to?? 🚪

Great networking is all about preserving opportunities — not burning bridges when you don’t have to.

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