What “Belongs” on LinkedIn? 🤔

Adam Marx
2 min readMay 20, 2022

This has become a question of the ages! 👇

It was part of the great discussion yesterday led by Judi Fox, Melanie Mitchell-Wexler, & Jessy Grossman for one of Bobby Umar’s Thought Leadership clubhouse chats. 🎙️

What was so interesting about it is that there really *isn’t* a right answer.

It falls somewhere in between what you can share that can really humanize you to your audience & where you feel comfortable. For me, that means a lot of what I share is about mental health & entrepreneurship. ⚕️

Because this stuff is HARD!

If it was easy, everyone would do it and we’d all have zillions of dollars. 💸

But it isn’t easy. Life isn’t an episode of Shark Tank or the Facebook movie. Real life dictates that we recognize that it’s not always going to be “up and to the right.” 📈

There are going to be down days in the entrepreneurial journey. Or weeks, months… maybe even longer sometimes. But that’s precisely why it’s critical to bring mental health & support firmly into the dialogue.

Reaching out for support, asking for help, being vulnerable… These things don’t mean you “can’t hack it” as an entrepreneur. They DON’T make you “unfundable” or a failure. ❌

They make you human. As we all are.

And that’s one of the core reasons it’s so important to talk about them. You WANT to surround yourself with people — either investors or partners or employees or customers — who will be human in their support during the tough moments. 💫 Those are the people who will help you “find the bounces” in your journey.

So what “belongs” on LinkedIn?

In my opinion, it’s anything that can humanize you and your professional journey. Anything that will help build bridges between you and your audience. 🌉 Think about what those bridges could look like.

Be expansive & be empathetic! ❤️

LinkedIn may be the “professional network,” but that doesn’t mean you should be a robot. Find ways to invite the human element into the conversations in your network. That’s when amazing things start to happen.

Often, it’s those human connections that end up leading to great business possibilities!

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