This Smarmy Tactic Kills Your Sales & Networking 😱

Adam Marx
2 min readFeb 27, 2022

Last week, a close friend of mine shared that he’d deleted numerous emails to him, all with the subject line “Re:” — and all from people with whom he’d never had a prior conversation.

Doing this will fuck up your networking. 👇


Because not only is my good friend a top sales expert and influencer on LinkedIn, but because THIS DOESN’T WORK.

You don’t build expansive networks and insane connections by trying to “hack” your way into a conversation with someone you want access to.

This is a terribly awful sales and networking tactic.

Because here’s a secret:

They know. 🙄

All you’re doing here is signaling to them why you don’t understand how to build relationships and why you’re not worth their time.

And believe me, stuff like this gets around — before you know it, this is the negative brand you’ve built for yourself. 🤦‍♂️

Want access to people? (Even influencers?)

Want a network that is staggeringly wide?

Go out and create value for others.

✅ Comment on their posts
✅ Share what you liked about their message
✅ Lend some words of support
✅ Be someone who gives before they ask

If you do these types of things, I guarantee that you will start to develop the access you want.

And you won’t have to resort to smarmy games or tactics to do it.

Great networks are built on great relationships. 🙌

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