The Birth of the Tech Investor Portmanteau

A couple months ago, I examined a few tech investors through an artistic lens. This time I thought I’d let the word nerd in me out to play. Instead of deconstructing an investor’s creative Twitter, I thought a more literal approach would be appropriate here. And then it hit me: tech investor portmanteau mashups!

A portmanteau is a combination of words and phonetic sounds to form something new, like smoke + fog = smog. This being the case, I naturally wondered if the same dynamic could be applied to the tech investors we all know and love (and indeed it can be!). Thus the tech investor portmanteau is born. Because every badass tech investor needs a single-name moniker ;D


1. Jason + Calacanis = Jalacanis (seed investor)

2. Hunter + Walk = Wunter (Homebrew)

3. Marc + Andreessen = Mandreessen (Andreessen Horowitz)

4. Ben + Horowitz = Borowitz (Andreessen Horowitz)

5. Fred + Wilson = Frilson (Union Square Ventures)

6. Chris + Sacca = Chracca (Lowercase Capital)

7. Aileen + Lee = Laileen (Cowboy Ventures)

8. Steve + Sinofsky = Stinofsky (Andreessen Horowitz)

9. Peter + Thiel = Teter (Founders Fund)

10. Sam + Altman = Saltman (Y Combinator)

11. Beth + Seidenberg = Beidenberg (Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Buyers)

12. Josh + Felser = Jelser (Freestyle Capital)

13. Ron + Conway = Ronway (SV Angel)

14. Dave + McClure = DacClure (500 Startups)

15. Jessica + Livingston = Jivingston (Y Combinator)

16. Sarah + Guo = Guarah (Greylock Partners)

17. Marissa + Campise = Camprissa (Greycroft Partners, SoftBank Capital)

18. Brad + Feld = Frad (Foundry Group)

19. Morgan + Beller = Borgan (Andreessen Horowitz)

20. Chris + Dixon = Chrixon (Andreessen Horowitz)

Originally published at on July 15, 2015.

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