Perhaps, but I’m actually more intrigued by the example set by theSkimm in getting voters registered. The question becomes what happens when you mix a paywall concept with non-anonymous platforms like Facebook and Snapchat. Could see pushback on that from people who like to keep their voting choices and political opinions confidential (I know, a hard concept to even entertain in today’s day and age).

Additionally, if tech platforms were able to drive more voter participation through a paywall function, the question then arises of whether people might boycott those services for the duration of an election period, and how that might impact said companies.

All that said, this is an interesting idea which I’d love to see played out, perhaps on a local level, or even within the context of a student raise in a university.

Also, “Civic Paywall” is a great name for a pop-punk album. I’ll be calling Green Day to see if they want it for their next release. 😂 😂

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