It would be easy for me to tell you off here, and call out certain aspects of the piece which appear to me in negative lights. That seems to be a well-considered option, based on some of the responses I’ve read.

However, I think that strategy can be a non-starter; it ends the dialogue before it begins, and there is both a lack of clarity and a lack of resolution. Rather, I think a strategy in extended dialogue is ultimately more beneficial. Tonality and diction are learned strengths as much as strategy and execution.

I have numerous friends — some very wealthy, but very nice individuals — who struggle with the understanding of what people are “reading between the lines” when they speak. A close friend of mine who is a wonderful person snapped me some pictures of art she just purchased, totaling somewhere in the neighborhood of $33,000. It’s hard to read that number when I’m simply trying to make ends meet — pay rent, school loans, etc.

But it’s equally important to remember the need to really scrape below the surface and extract understanding of the individual. Is that person privileged? Perhaps, but there’s nothing wrong with good fortune. It may be, though, that the person with whom you’re interacting has no concept of how to balance that good fortune in constructive ways.

As with everything in life, it’s all about relationships and communication.

Master Relationship Builder & Networking Consultant 🚀 | prev. CEO @glipple | Published @crunchbasenews, @Startup Grind, @Mattermark| Humorist & music addict

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