Here’s How I Pick Up Influencers with Millions of Followers 📈😎

Adam Marx
2 min readApr 9, 2022


Recently, I picked up a new follower — a TikTok influencer with over 1.8 MILLION followers. It only took me 10 weeks. 📈😎

Wanna know how I did it? 📆😉

Here’s how: 👇

I spent about 10 weeks really consuming this person’s content & looking for the best ways to share it, comment on it (positively!), & create value for them.

I showed up consistently and left the right comments at the right times on the right platforms to:

🔥 1st: Gain their attention
🔥 2nd: Indicate that I wanted to provide value
🔥 3rd: Not ask for something or try to sell immediately!
🔥 4th: Build value for them in places where others weren’t (as much)
🔥 5th: Wait patiently for it to take effect

This is how I pick up different influencers almost weekly on a variety of platforms. ☝️

I connect with Twitter influencers on LinkedIn, pick up LinkedIn influencers on Twitter, reach out to TikTok influencers on Twitter and Instagram… it almost doesn’t matter. By using a variety of platforms to reach & create value for influencers where they aren’t huge influencers yet is one of the ways I keep my network growing the way I want.

It’s also how I get on different podcasts — no “spray & pray” approach, just consistent value & empathy. (I’m also looking for some more shows to guest on, so reach out if you wanna talk networking & branding!). 😎🎙️

Same content, same strategy, and 9 times out of 10, same result. 👏

It’s all in the value you bring to others — the sales will come later.

Build your network. 🚀

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