This is a piece that’s a part of the first section of my as-of-yet unpublished science-fiction collection, Fend Off the Armada.

© Adam Marx 2016

From Part I. Before the Storm


Sleep never came hard at me in the earlier time;

Kisses on my eyelids bloomed in the dusk

And peace was never easier to find

Than in your dreams with tired eyes shut.

Night-terrors never took me with the speed

And power of a rhinoceros gone mad,

But have since stomped through my dreams,

And taken me to combat.

The vampires that suck my faith

Slink behind my eyes at night;

Creeping between my lids as of late

To the little dens in my mind where they hide.

I struggle to blink even in the dark

And crash through panes of broken glass

That cut me down before I can calm my heart,

To wake up knowing the brightest mornings have passed.

I can’t say that I pray, I’m too empty,

Besides, there must be a god there to hear;

And still my hands are callused days too many —

Some hours are too filled with purpled fear.

The rest know what I do tonight, and more,

And take it to heart, bound in the night;

We never lived like this in the age before

But now have no future left in sight.

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