As I first tweeted a couple of days ago, this is a great interview. It’s concise without losing any substance, especially as the questions seem to generate full, comprehensive answers.

I was struck most by two particular points, both of which I mentioned a bit. The first is how much I agree with Lindzon that media companies are especially difficult in some situations, and how it takes a certain breed to want to deal with those particular challenges.

Lindzon hit it exactly when he said that the future of media is in user-generated content. However, part of user-generated content as I see it is having as much control over that as is warranted to keep your business growing and improving. As I tweeted originally, I think user-generated content means different dynamics for different types of media.

In music, for example, one really needs to be in control of one’s content stream. Though building on top of an existing API (Spotify, SoundCloud, etc.) is quite popular right now, what you gain in speed is arguably not measured in longevity (which Lindzon points out as one of the hard challenges).

I similarly agree with Lindzon’s point on taking the time to find the rights investors and/or mentors. If you want to be able to build something with passion and drive, you need to surround yourself with people who share that passion for the space that you’re in and the people you want to be serving.

Definitely a great piece, both for Walk and Lindzon. Look forward to seeing a subsequent discussion, hopefully with a deeper focus on a few of the original points.

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