7 Secrets to Actually Finding Value in LinkedIn 🔥

I spend so much time explaining LinkedIn’s utility to people.

So I wrote this thread on my Twitter to help give a basic rundown of how to start tackling LinkedIn. 🚀

Because sometimes, some of the most critical tactics fall through the cracks. 😱

The thing about Twitter — a platform I love — is so many power-users in the communities I know find LinkedIn too spammy or salesy. 🧐

And I get it — I get jaded by the spammy parts of it too.

But when it’s done right, it opens up huge doors & massive opportunities. 🚪

So here’s a rundown of 7 things you should be doing on LinkedIn:


LinkedIn is “won” in the comments.


The comments are where you build your reputation & voice. ✍️

They are your “on-ramps” to the connections you want. 🙌

Answer every comment on your posts (except trolls, obvs).

2. Consistency 📆

LinkedIn has what? Like ~800-something million users, right?

Well only ~3.5M create content on a consistent *weekly* basis — not even daily! 🤯

This means that if you create content consistently, you automatically jump into a whole new bracket.

3. Voice 🎙️

This is a secret that even many LinkedIn power-users don’t know:

Use LinkedIn voice messages! 🔥

👉 They’re only on mobile, but they *virtually guarantee* that your DM will be opened. 👈

Voice is a great way to convey things like tone & persona.

4. Hashtags #️⃣

Hashtags matter on LinkedIn.

Find a list of ~25 big & small ones that work for your niche — rotate them in & out. 🤔

Only use ~3–4 at the bottom of your post.

But also be open to saving space for a personalized one you create for your brand. 😉

5. Sharing 🙌

This is huge.

It’s often suggested that the LinkedIn algorithm suppresses share posts.

Might be true, but I do it anyway — it’s caused me to go super viral. 📈📈

Racking up well over 1.7 MILLION views. 🤯

Already in 2022, I’ve had posts go viral between 50k-100k views.

I suggest doing it.

👉 I wrote about it more in an article I published. 👈

6. Professionalism 💼

There’s a big debate about whether personal content belongs on LinkedIn.

You make your own decision, but in my opinion, it adds a level of humanness to one’s content. ❤️

It’s why I continue to share about mental health, personal challenges, & new goals.

7. LinkedIn “Canoes” 🛶

Twitter “canoeing” — or block-tagging people— is considered to be a bit annoying sometimes.

But it’s actually ok to do on LinkedIn — when done well.

Make sure though the people you tag will actually respond to the post — otherwise the algorithm will ding you. 🚨

So there you have it:

🙌 A quick rundown of things you can start doing today that will likely change your whole LinkedIn experience.

This is how you build amazing networks!

👉 Follow me @adammarx13 on Twitter and LinkedIn for more content on networking, community, and relationship-building! 😎🚀




Master Relationship Builder @Zero2OneNetwork 🚀 | @ATLTechVillage Advisor 😎 | Speaker 🎙️ | Prev. CEO @glipple + published @crunchbase, @mattermark + more ✍️

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Adam Marx

Adam Marx

Master Relationship Builder @Zero2OneNetwork 🚀 | @ATLTechVillage Advisor 😎 | Speaker 🎙️ | Prev. CEO @glipple + published @crunchbase, @mattermark + more ✍️

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