100 Awesome Independent Album and EP Releases You Probably Missed in 2018

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Another December just about passed, and another 100 independent albums and EP’s you probably missed this year. In any artistic industry, so much of the exciting content flies quietly under the radar, except for when you know where to look for it. 🤘🎸

Since 2015, I’ve given you lists of 100 independent albums and EP’s you probably missed during the year. Here they are:

Now here comes 2018’s. I’m so stoked for the new crop of artists here, as well as for those returning again. A lot of the content on this year’s list comes from artists I’ve known for years, producing music for new projects they’ve put together recently. This is a different kind of excitement; I love seeing the evolution of these creatives.

As with all previous lists, these 100 albums and EP’s come from artists all over the world. This year’s list includes artists from: Canada, Greece, Germany, South Korea, Belarus, Austria, Singapore, France, South Africa, Sweden, Australia, Norway, Spain, Estonia, Ukraine, Italy, the U.K., Switzerland, Russia, and 22 different U.S. states. The independent world is massive.

It’s always interesting to see what each year brings in terms of style and genre, and 2018 seems to have been heavy on punk, pop-punk, alternative, instrumental, metal, and jazz-influenced material, both in terms of my personal taste and overall releases.

With all that said, here are 100 of the independent albums and EP’s that you probably missed in 2018. All were released during the 2018 calendar year. Music is multidimensional, and all these artists should be treated as such.

As always, albums are in no particular order.

Come expand your universe and live in my world for a little while. 😎👍

1. SatellitesChelsea Shag — Atlanta, Georgia, USA

2. Painting with ScissorsAndy Gruhin — Silver Spring, Maryland, USA

3. FeelsFair Panic — Wayne, New Jersey, USA

4. OverseasWhite Coven — Zaragoza, Spain

5. Hannah Wicklund & The Steppin StonesHannah Wicklund & The Steppin Stones — Nashville, Tennessee, USA

6. DreamlandJust Like Honey — New York, New York, USA

7. Personal IssuesOh See Demons — Bergen, Norway

8. My Only HopeAdam Singer — San Francisco, California, USA

9. Mind TricksBrownstone Inc. — Graz, Austria

10. Thriving, Given The ConsequencesSoviet Ohio — Syracuse, New York, USA

11. In Moon We TrustHālley — Paris, France

12. What The Wreck?Stan Stewart — Ithaca, New York, USA

13. Poor You, Part TwoJinxbox — Middlebury, Vermont, USA

14. Centipede — EPBlooming Fire — Los Angeles, California, USA

15. The Candleman and the CurtainThe Earth and I — Warwick, New York, USA

16. Everyone I’ve Ever LovedValleyheart — Salem, Massachusetts, USA

17. KingdomsCoopertheband — Nashville, Tennessee, USA

18. Self TitledAlias May — Melbourne, Australia

19. Make My MillenniumResident One — Atlanta, Georgia, USA

20. FunnySexyCoolHollywood Horses — Birmingham, Alabama, USA

21. .ghostworld — EP.ghostworld — Singapore, Singapore

22. Heaven and Her DemonsBlackBeak — Johannesburg, South Africa

23. Wherever That IsPanhandler — Stockholm, Sweden

24. White Roses EPDream Chambers — Nashville, Tennessee, USA

25. Soul TransferEmphasis — Tallin, Estonia

26. Westline Drive EPWestline Drive — San Francisco, California, USA

27. EPLampion — Montreal, Quebec, Canada

28. SalvationThe Penske File — Burlington, Ontario, Canada

29. Hypnotizing EuphoriaThe Who Was Phone — Zurich, Switzerland

30. Bridges — EPFor The Fire — Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

31. DispositionYoung Animals — St. Louis, Missouri, USA

32. Glow In The DarkRachel Rose Mitchell — Melbourne, Australia

33. Dear BeerThe Bombpops — Los Angeles, California, USA

34. AftermindHighView — Canberra, Australia

35. It’s History, It’s PoetryDetour North — Chicago, Illinois, USA

36. Voices in My HeadFailing Up — Los Angeles, California, USA

37. OmegaShades of Dissonance — Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

38. From the Wild SkyHalie Loren — Eugene, Oregon, USA

39. Up in RosesFever — Portland, Oregon, USA

40. Passing YearsLooking For Alaska — Regensburg, Germany

41. Desire PathsTurnspit — Chicago, Illinois, USA

42. Absolution EPKeating — Columbus, Ohio, USA

43. The Fallen KingFrozen Crown — Milan, Italy

44. Heartwoken EPThe Revies — Los Angeles, California, USA

45. AmnesiaticODD ROBOT — Fullerton, California, USA

46. Everything Is TemporaryBetween You & Me — Melbourne, Australia

47. DuoyuDuoyu — Athens, Greece

48. Six People in a DreamBaronaqua — Melbourne, Australia

49. Hometown StaticSecond Street — Kansas City, Missouri, USA

50. Happy ThoughtsMidfield — Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

51. Becoming a GhostBecoming a Ghost — Troy, New York, USA

52. BedtimePawn Pawn — Toledo, Ohio, USA

53. AllianceWe Call The Shots — Phoenix, Arizona, USA

54. Mother’s KeeperMother’s Keeper — Birmingham, Alabama, USA

55. Is an EPTHIS — Buffalo, New York, USA

56. Distraction EPPaper Citizen — Boston, Massachusetts, USA

57. Nostalgiadeerfield. — Syracuse, New York, USA

58. Street TalkBig White — Sydney, Australia

59. For Me This TimeAnalog Heart — Boston, Massachusetts, USA

60. While We DreamLights & Motion — Gothenburg, Sweden

61. Raw SugarL’Absence — Zaragoza, Spain

62. TamelessBuffalo Rampage — Moscow, Russia

63. Never Asked for It EPSorry, Scout — St. Louis, Missouri, USA

64. Old SoulSharp Sleeves — Blacksburg, Virginia, USA

65. AspireVENUES — Stuttgart, Germany

66. From Blue to BoneMama Doom — Poughkeepsie, New York, USA

67. Heart Whispers (EP)Grace & the Midnight Angel — Clovis, California, USA

68. Cirque Du SkankSkunk Funk — American Canyon, California, USA

69. Spring Silver EPSpring Silver — Silver Spring, Maryland, USA

70. The View From HereStealing Home — Concord, California, USA

71. Weird’N’ConfusedAppocaloosers — Madrid, Spain

72. InceptionWallbangers — Nantes, France

73. Wanderlust EPGrowling Rabbit — Minsk, Belarus

74. Paper SaintsPaper Saints — Dallas, Texas, USA

75. Spinneret EPJEM — Singapore, Singapore

76. Cashmore DemosCashmore — Brisbane, Australia

77. DakotaGo Murphy — Fargo, North Dakota, USA

78. Categories of ColourEither/Or — Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

79. FacadeBoxford — Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA

80. Casual CornerBlesst Chest — Portland, Oregon, USA

81. Paper HeartsThe Brothers Union — Asbury Park, New Jersey, USA

82. New RuinsCandace — Portland, Oregon, USA

83. Growing PainEnvious View — Springfield, Missouri, USA

84. Hangin’ On!The Glycereens — Brisbane, Australia

85. Digital EPAnemoria — Fullerton, California, USA

86. AgonizeSever The Ear — Gwangju, South Korea

87. Laugh It Off!Domino & the Derelicts — San Jose, California, USA

88. Glass BonesWolvesMouth — Voorhees, New Jersey, USA

89. AshesLed By Lanterns — Birmingham, England, UK

90. A Quiet Riot Vol. 1We Are Riot — Bremen, Germany

91. Membership DuesSad Girlz Club — San Francisco, California, USA

92. Broken CodesIn Parallel — Nashville, Tennessee, USA

93. The Deep SleepUnveil — Sherebrooke, Quebec, Canada

94. The NexstoneThe Nexstone — Kramatorsk, Ukraine

95. Comfort ZoneSuperhaunted — Miami, Florida, USA

96. Fault Lines EPAeve Ribbons — Manchester, England, UK

97. Visions EPNoise Maze — Udine, Italy

98.The Outer Space (EP)Fallcie — Saint Petersburg, Russia

99. JarenJenn’s Apartment — Lansing, Michigan, USA

100. Nothing LeftMy Favorite Fault — Moscow, Russia


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