100 Awesome Independent Album and EP Releases You Probably Missed in 2017

Here we are, back in December, and everyone knows what that means: more “Best of…” lists trumpeting the best new music on the scene. And as always, so much of the independent world flies completely under the radar.

For the last two years, I’ve drawn up lists of “100 independent albums and EP’s you probably missed” during the year. Here they are:

Now it’s time for list number three, and I am so excited partly because of how the map is expanding to include places which weren’t touched in the first two lists.

As with the first two lists, these 100 albums and EP’s come from artists all over the world. This year’s list includes artists from: Canada, the U.K. (England, Scotland, and Wales), Australia, Switzerland, France, Sweden, Russia, Finland, Belarus, Romania, Slovakia, Brazil, Japan, South Africa, Greece, Myanmar, Spain, Portugal, Chile, Serbia, Austria, Argentina, Ukraine, Indonesia, Poland, and 28 different U.S. states. The independent world is very, very big.

I’m also pleased to see an evolution of my own tastes and appreciation; this year’s list includes more pop, electronic, R&B, and jazz influences, obviously mixed in with a healthy helping of alternative, rock, and metal.

So here are 100 of the albums and EP’s that you probably missed in 2017. All were released during the 2017 calendar year; imagine if the mainstream paid attention to all the artists out there, and not only the handful we hear about.

As always, albums are in no particular order.

Go expand your universe. You’d be shocked at what you discover.

1. Why Am I Swimming Around Like This?Fishtank — London, England, UK

2. Tube OneOkto Vulgaris — Chur, Switzerland

3. SpaceThe Head — Atlanta, Georgia, USA

4. It’s Butter — EPIt’s Butter — Los Angeles, California, USA

5. Grace BlueGrace Blue — Los Angeles, California, USA

6. MachineHello, Mountain — Denver, Colorado, USA

7. The Hurricane EPMorganway — Norwich, England, UK

8. Tooth & NailFreya Wilcox & The Howl — Brooklyn, New York, USA

9. Orphan PlanetOrphan Planet — Portland, Maine, USA

10. The Truth & The LieSkies Collide — Brisbane, Australia

11. Commitment IssuesAnyone’s Guess — Orlando, Florida USA

12. Dark Matter EPAuditory Armory — Altamonte Springs, Florida, USA

13. GoldenThe Talking Hours — Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

14. AnimalsBlue Eyed Sons — Helsinki, Finland

15. Dark SwallowsDark Swallows — Boise, Idaho, USA

16. Everything You Ever WantedStreet Pieces — Brisbane, Australia

17. The Trouble With TeethLittle Coyote — Toronto, Ontario, Canada

18. A FloodTwin Strike — Brooklyn, New York, USA

19. Bad HabitBeth Blade and The Beautiful Disasters — Cardiff, Wales, UK

20. SkiddishThe Fallaways — Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

21. FluxForm Constant — Birmingham, Alabama, USA

22. Background NoiseTreading Water — Boston, Massachusetts, USA

23. Breaking the Line [EP]The Strikes — Souchez, France

24. Wide OpenWeaves — Toronto, Ontario, Canada

25. Eclipse Of The SunLiquid Sunshine — Zurich, Switzerland

26. Worn Out HeartHollow Sidewalks — Portland, Oregon, USA

27. Start a FireThe Burn Ins — Elkford, British Columbia, Canada

28. Coyote GunfightDynamite Thunderpunch — Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

29. Monuments EPStereo Honey — London, England, UK

30. The GangThe Gang — Bratislava, Slovakia

31. DriveSidewatcher — Detroit, Michigan, USA

32. End TimesBrother Sister Hex — Denver, Colorado, USA

33. SpeakHoney & the 45s — Chicago, Illinois, USA

34. With — EPFencer — Los Angeles, California, USA

35. Soul SicknessThe Versa Contrast — Revere, Massachusetts, USA

36. A Sign of the TimesCold California — Aberdeen, Scotland, UK

37. Auto Racing EP 2Auto Racing — Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

38. Note to Self — EPReady The Prince — Toronto, Ontario, Canada

39. DecadeFighting Jacks — San Jose, California, USA

40. Gates Of ExpressionWildchild — Sibiu, Romania

41. virus.Novembervägen — Stockholm, Sweden

42. Hypnotic Illusions EPLiving Still Life — Sydney, Australia

43. A Show For No OneJust Noise — Des Plaines, Illinois, USA

44. All Systems GoCODED — Cape Town, South Africa

45. Wasted EPKreepy Krush — Minsk, Belarus

46. Better DaysThe Clock Tower — Fukuoka, Japan

47. Tales of Betrayal and DeceitThe McMiners — Belo Horizonte, Brazil

48. Black and Blue EPLittle Raven — Nashville, Tennessee, USA

49. Hydra PlaneHydra Plane — Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA

50. Arcadia FelizAttikus Finch — Pamplona, Spain

51. SublimationGravelarks — Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

52. The Words We’ll Never SayIn Good Nature — Boston, Massachusetts, USA

53. PolaroidsA Fire With Friends — Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA

54. Plan Of ActionThe Kingpins — Montreal, Quebec, Canada

55. No Time to DieDaeodon — Louisville, Kentucky, USA

56. Relics & CyclesBefore And After Science — Oporto, Portugal

57. In ArcadiaField Of Giants — Oxford, England, UK

58. REMSIAN — Tokyo, Japan

59. AuraSet Fire — Boston, Massachusetts, USA

60. Karate Break EPKarate Break — Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

61. StarlaStarla — Tacoma, Washington, USA

62. Fine MotorFine Motor — Reno, Nevada, USA

63. ClonesNaked Shark — Ann Arbor, Michigan USA

64. SaltingKeeper — Washington, D.C., USA

65. Radio SilenceParanoir — Thessaloniki, Greece

66. Secret DemoShadow Party — Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

67. Flying HighLaneslide — Petrovsk, Russia

68. WeightOld State — St. Louis, Missouri, USA

69. PlaygroundParanoid — Lille, France

70. Crash The GateCab Ride Home — Manassas, Virginia, USA

71. Space and GritDomestic Blend — Omaha, Nebraska, USA

72. Attic SaltAttic Salt — Springfield, Illinois, USA

73. DemoPiines — Toronto, Ontario, Canada

74. Heavy DreamingPainted Shut — Garden Grove, California, USA

75. MUTT E.P.Whorehound — Terre Haute, Indiana, USA

76. Cinder BoxCinder Box — London, England, UK

77. Heavy HighBruiser Queen — St. Louis, Missouri, USA

78. The Endless and UnseenLike The Ocean — San Francisco, California, USA

79. In Plain SightElastic Blur — Downingtown, Pennsylvania, USA

80. As Far As The StarsNine Year Sister — Queensland, Australia

81. Fever Dreamin’Billy King & The Bad Bad Bad — Austin, Texas, USA

82. SleepFawner — Cheltenham, England, UK

83. The Forge SessionsHot Raisin — Norwich, England, UK

84. PrimevalIron Heade — Rancagua, Chile

85. EscapadePandelic — Yangon, Myanmar

86. PatternsLongclaw — Portland, Oregon, USA

87. DefectorHEAVYCRAFT — Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA

88. ChangeTraces — Tamworth, Australia

89. ThomasThe Shaftons — Vienna, Austria

90. ParasiteThe Coathangers — Atlanta, Georgia, USA

91. WidowerWidower — Sydney, Australia

92. Rock for LifeEarly Grey — Moscow, Russia

93. First Attack EPSnappy Strokes — Krakow, Poland

94. The StoryOceantides — Kiev, Ukraine

95. Forgiver EPShoplifters — Novi Sad, Serbia

96. SkollAstro Diver — Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

97. Alter EgoReplica — Buenos Aires, Argentina

98. The Best ThingsBeat Off! — Kediri, Indonesia

99. Kings — EPAugust Tides — Cleethorpes, England, UK

100. Demos 2017Goodnight Cairo — Seattle, Washington, USA

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Originally published at adammarxsmind.com on December 15, 2017.



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