100 Awesome Independent Album and EP Releases You Probably Missed in 2016

It’s that time of the year again — when all those “Best of…” lists come out telling us the supposed cream-of-the-crop releases in music. And as happens every year, they skate right over the slew of amazing independent releases that dropped into our lives.

Last year, I drew up a list of 100 independent albums you probably missed in 2015. Now it’s time to do the same for 2016.

In the interest of fairness, it’s important to note that most of these releases simply follow my personal taste in music genre-wise; they certainly don’t encompass all the amazing independent albums that came out this year in jazz, EDM, rap, classical, or other styles.

As with last year’s list, these 100 albums and EP’s come from artists all over the world. This year’s list has artists from: Canada, the U.K., France, Italy, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, China, Denmark, Iceland, Sweden, Norway, Belarus, Germany, Israel, China, Mexico, the Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, and from 20 different U.S. states. That’s how big the independent universe is, regardless of genre.

So here are just 100 of the albums and EP’s that you probably missed in 2016. All were released during the 2016 calendar year, so this gives you an idea of just how small a window into the music world the mainstream actually cuts.

As always, albums are in no particular order.

Do yourself a favor and go expand your universe. You’d be shocked at what you discover.

1. Forget About ItIt’s Butter — Los Angeles, California, USA

2. I Talk to StrangersI Talk to Strangers — London, England, UK

3. The Centauri Conspiracies: Part 1 — The AwakeningSunshine & Bullets — Tampa, Florida, USA

4. Colours Chelsea Shag — Atlanta, Georgia, USA

5. Good DaysSkyline — Austin, Texas, USA

6. Muster PointJeeps — London, England, UK

7. ScarsForever Still — Copenhagen, Denmark

8. Body WarsJune Divided — Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

9. Silent ElephantSilent Elephant — Lille, France

10. The Parts We SaveHeel — London, England, UK

11. Breaking FreeA Truth Divides — Fall River, Massachusetts, USA

12. EmergenceHour 24 — Temperance, Michigan, USA

13. Hardly Loaded EPPhantomHead — Lynchburg, Virginia, USA

14. Tough LoveBloody Diamonds — Toronto, Ontario, Canada

15. A Moment of SilenceThe Funeral Portrait — Atlanta, Georgia, USA

16. EpicentreBouquet of Dead Crows — London, England, UK

17. She SpeaksShe Speaks — Kildare, Ireland

18. WandererRed Handed Denial — Toronto, Ontario, Canada

19. Dark NarrowsLights That Change — Flintshire, Wales, UK

20. The ReIntroductionAlmost Kings — Atlanta, Georgia, USA

21. BlackSuan — Athy, Ireland

22. Mean SomethingKinder Than Wolves — Orlando, Florida, USA

23. For Your ObliterationThe Dead Deads — Nashville, Tennessee, USA

24. No Mirror / Baby StepsBirdeatsbaby — Brighton, England, UK

25. Screech BatsScreech Bats — London, England, UK

26. Five KitesFive Kites — Uckfield, England, UK

27. Pow WowRed Apple — Madrid, Spain

28. HoopdriverHoopdriver — London, England, UK

29. The Mud Lords EPThe Mud Lords — San Francisco, California, USA

30. StonesCherry Water — Wilmington, North Carolina, USA

31. Please Welcome Imperial JadeImperial Jade — Barcelona, Spain

32. From The CaveFrom The Cave — London, England, UK

33. Imminent for Your InterestsPeople Like Us. — Los Angeles, California, USA

34. Otra Vez ISidewatcher — Detroit, Michigan, USA

35. EraserheadEraserhead — Aurora, Illinois, USA

36. AlterhoodAlterhood — Tel-Aviv, Israel

37. Eugenia EPDarla and the Blonde — London, England, UK

38. Cosmophonie EPCosmophone — Trois-Rivières, Quebec, Canada

39. Hit the AirBasic Land — Monterrey, Mexico

40. Born to DancePürple — Brighton, England, UK

41. Double A-SideThe Mis-Made — Sydney, Australia

42. Refuse to Shine EPMr.Mountain — Portsmouth, England, UK

43. Gaining PerspectiveGlory Days — Brisbane, Australia

44. The Sky, the Lie, and Who We Are Before We DieTrue North — Los Angeles, California, USA

45. Luxury EPPatio — New York City, New York, USA

46. PhantasmagoriaWhite Claudia — Chicago, Illinois, USA

47. Cruise DealMirror Travel — Austin, Texas, USA

48. Call Me by NameGood Fiction — Albany, New York, USA

49. BipolarKreepy Krush — Minsk, Belarus

50. Good HangsLauren Patti — New Jersey, USA

51. Copper CrownCopper Crown — Toronto, Ontario, Canada

52. CuatroTranparentes — Alicante, Spain

53. It’s Too Bright InsideLush Vibes — Vallejo, California, USA

54. Ropes EndRopes End — New York City, New York, USA

55. Only RosesCarissa Johnson — Boston, Massachusetts, USA

56. Theories of the UniverseHaunted Ghost Town — Sunnyvale, California, USA

57. Soft Grudge — Mulligrub — Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

58. Dirty LyxxDirty Lyxx — Boston, Massachusetts, USA

59. StagesKopacetic — Shreveport, Louisiana, USA

60. Much Love — Microwave — Atlanta, Georgia, USA

61. MetadonnaMetadonna — Valencia, Spain

62. Break Down the WallsBreak Down the Walls — Hawthorne, New York, USA

63. Stuff EPMy Cruel Goro — Iceland

64. ShadowboxVivienne the Witch — Perugia, Italy

65. In the Arms of the SunVox Vocis — Phoenix, Arizona, USA

66. DiscourseSex With Strangers — Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

67. Sleep Tight, When You Wake Up We’ll Be GoneThe Few. — St. Louis, Missouri, USA

68. Harmony and DisconnectRising Down — Tampa, Florida, USA

69. VectorsYeah Sure Whatever — Marin, California, USA


71. Buried in the SoundLost Frontiers — Pomona, California, USA

72. Nosebleed WeekendThe Coathangers — Atlanta, Georgia, USA

73. The Eternal SeaThe Eternal Sea — Tauranga, New Zealand

74. Traces EPTraces — Phoenix, Arizona, USA

75. ElevationWe Are The Catalyst — Gothenburg, Sweden

76. MABON SONGSCrypt Trip — San Marcos, Texas, USA

77. Angel — Heroes — Los Angeles, California, USA

78. Swan Valley HeightsSwan Valley Heights — Munich, Germany

79. AbandonedCounter Theory — Valparaiso, Indiana, USA

80. AntsAnts — Rivergaro, Italy

81. The Journey (EP)Rusty Joe — Casais, Portugal

82. SpectraMyrrias — Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

83. Dimensionauts EPRobot Jurassic — Edgewater, Maryland, USA

84. BelieverWeird Neighbours — Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

85. Hell Is Not Other People, It’s YouThe Republic of Trees — Scarborough, England, UK

86. The LippiesThe Lippies — Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

87. Far Away, As We FadeAggronympH — Yichang, China

88. The DepartedSummer Drive Home — Weymouth, England, UK

89. Mix TapeThe Hang Lows — Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

90. SweetMeatThe BlackLava — Torino, Italy

91. SingularityFight Like Sin — Lafayette, Indiana, USA

92. Chasing a PhantomChanging Scene — Bel Aton, Maryland, USA

93. Abandoned HomesThe Aesthetic — Seattle, Washington, USA

94. ConnectorFable Circuit — Shepherdstown, West Virginia, USA

95. InburnInburn — Illigan City, Phillipines

96. The Lost Ones (EP)LUNGS — Sacramento, California, USA

97. AmbulanceThe Amazing — Stockholm, Sweden

98. DetoxPyke — Arendal, Norway

99. Start AgainThe Middle Ground — Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

100. Valley Queen EPValley Queen — Los Angeles, California, USA

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Originally published at adammarxsmind.wordpress.com on December 14, 2016.



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Master Relationship Builder @Zero2OneNetwork 🚀 | @ATLTechVillage Advisor 😎 | Speaker 🎙️ | Prev. CEO @glipple + published @crunchbase, @mattermark + more ✍️