100 Awesome Independent Album and EP Releases You Probably Missed in 2015

With all the “Best of…” lists coming out now, I figured it would be a good time to shine a spotlight on just a bit of the amazing independent music that most likely slipped right by you this year. These artists are from all over the world — the U.S., Canada, Australia, U.K., France, Netherlands, Scandinavia, Ukraine, Brazil, South Africa, China, Israel — and simply don’t live in the mainstream universe. They live right below the surface, and are proving exactly why the independent universe is the place to be for real “new music.”

Here are just 100 of the albums and EP’s that you probably missed in 2015. All were released during the 2015 calendar year, so this gives you an idea of just how small a window into the music world the mainstream actually cuts. As always, albums are in no particular order. Do yourself a favor and go listen to them. Right now.

1. Staring at the SunCherry White — London, England, UK

2. The DemosIt’s Butter — Los Angeles, California, USA

3. Bareknuckle LoveFreya Wilcox & The Howl — Brooklyn, New York, USA

4. RelentlessThe Nixon Rodeo — Spokane, Washington, USA

5. OmensThe Furies — Boston, Massachusetts, USA

6. Welcome to the Whist Coast (EP)Whist — Lyon, France

7. MillipedesThe Head — Atlanta, Georgia, USA

8. Free Recovery EPFree Recovery — Guilford, England, UK

9. Save Me EPForever Still — Copenhagen, Denmark

10. Vacant YouthThe Path Less Traveled — Calgary, Alberta, Canada

11. Sleeping/Dreaming EPThe Abstract — Akron, Ohio, USA

12. Where Has the Music Gone?General Tso’s Fury — Jacksonville, Florida, USA

13. For Machines EPLimb to Limb — London, England, UK

14. StasisLucid Fly — Los Angeles, California, USA

15. Ginger and the SnapsGinger and the Snaps — New York, New York, USA

16. MirrorsA Light Divided — Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA

17. Electric SymphonyAdam Singer — San Francisco, California, USA

18. The Fair-Weather FriendSaint Savage — Etna, New Hampshire, USA

19. Centaurus EPCentaurus — New York, New York, USA

20. Do You Feel Electric? EPMiss — London, England, UK

21. Fever PitchFever Pitch — Zaporizihia, Ukraine

22. The Steppin StonesThe Steppin Stones — Charleston, South Carolina, USA

23. Paint the SkyTigerface — Phoenix, Arizona, USA

24. EgressorThe Body Politic — Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada

25. The Lost [EP]The Beautiful Monument — Melbourne, Australia

26. The Black Swan TheoryImber — Stockholm, Sweden

27. Turkana BoyThousand Days — Boston, Massachusetts, USA

28. Own Your OceanDirect Divide — Monterey, California, USA

29. InsideEvenstate — Amsterdam, Netherlands

30. Bottoms Up (EP)Old Pints — Køge, Denmark

31. March in the Dark: Chapter TwoAnyone’s Guess — Orlando, Florida, USA

32. Skies CollideSkies Collide — Brisbane, Australia

33. Freakout Hell BusBumpin Uglies — Annapolis, Maryland, USA

34. Darkstone Crows EPDarkstone Crows — Toronto, Ontario, Canada

35. Let’s Get DangerousBackyard Superheroes — New Jersey, USA

36. EgoblasterEgoblaster — Rouen, France

37. BootleggerBlack Ally — Leeds, England, UK

38. DestinationNovembervägen — Stockholm, Sweden

39. Sick Like ThisBeth Blade and the Beautiful Disasters — Cardiff, Wales, UK

40. DepthsFogscape — Greenland (Denmark)

41. Runaways EPPermission to Panic — Brooklyn, New York, USA

42. Get FreeThe Freemen — Canberra, Australia

43. BurstVenus In Aries — New York, New York, USA

44. VagabondA Reluctant Arrow — Oxford, England, UK

45. Burning Down EPNo Damn Good — Cascais, Portugal

46. FacesSydney Eloise & The Palms — Atlanta, Georgia, USA

47. West EPThe Red Harbour — California, USA

48. It’s Alright to See BlackI Shot Samo — Montreal, Quebec, Canada

49. Death of a CynicOnly Forever — Johannesburg, South Africa

50. Medicine EPLucille’s Voodoo — Graz, Austria

51. Out of OrderThe Pastures — Newcastle upon Tyne, England UK

52. Paintbox FiresPaintbox Fires — Manchester, England, UK

53. Passengers EPThe Fallen Prodigy — New York, New York, USA

54. Dais EPDais — Jacksonville, Florida, USA

55. DemoThird Season — Atlanta, Georgia, USA

56. Fourstory EPA Black Eye Affair — Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA

57. Come On Come OutThe Shooks — Lyon, France

58. AnchorsThe Wonderlife — Palo Alto, California, USA

59. Rise to Fall EPAltermind — Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

60. In My HeadHillary Hand — Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

61. Take Control EPFree Sergio — Israel

62. Last Known SurroundingsCarousel Scene — Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

63. Jellyfish EPBlaine the Mono — Orlando, Florida, USA

64. Francis Duffy & The Kingpins EPFrancis Duffy & The Kingpins — Dundee, Scotland, UK

65. Dead Echo ParanoiaElectric Deathbeat — Finland

66. Nuclear Minds EPNuclear Minds — Gandía, Spain

67. Gloomy TunesWeakend Friends — Boston, Massachusetts, USA

68. Bring the A GameBeneath the Reef — Pembrokeshire, Wales, UK

69. Half BlueHalf Blue — Wroclaw, Poland

70. Tottie & the WanderersTottie & the Wanderers — Melbourne, Australia

71. The Black Album (EP)AggronympH — Yichang, China

72. PerceptionsAll Comes Down — Rotterdam, Netherlands

73. In Bloomyougetthewordswrong — Moscow, Russia

74. Demo EPThe Last Exposure — Sydney, Australia

75. Bring The LightElie & the Engine — Gothenburg, Sweden

76. Blood LinesThese Little Kings — Glasgow, Scotland, UK

77. Bury Me At SeaThe Shillelaghs — Calgary, Alberta, Canada

78. Red CallingRed Calling — Tampa, Florida, USA

79. Art CapitalArt Capital — Angra do Heroísmo, Azores (Portugal)

80. Sleepless NightsNever Count Me Out — Atlanta, Georgia, USA

81. BattledWest Winds — Tucson, Arizona, USA

82. Where It EndsThe Joy Arson — Toronto, Ontario, Canada

83. StarcoastStarcoast — Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA

84. AugmentNoveaux — Sydney, Australia

85. DollminationThe Inferno Doll — Santiago, Chile

86. Dreadful WorldDust Idols — Madrid, Spain

87. Revery EPRevery — Johannesburg, South Africa

88. Stories EPin Codes — Calgary, Alberta, Canada

89. Blur of Our SoulsHeavy Gloom — Moscow, Russia

90. DetoursDamn Mondays — Berchtesgaden, Germany

91. Do It YourselfCount Me Out — Cardiff, Wales, UK

92. Generation DreamsTeenage Buzz — Salvador, Brazil

93. Tide of MindTide of Mind — Lørenskog, Norway

94. My Cruel Goro EPMy Cruel Goro — Italy

95. Small Town Ghost StoriesTake Me Alive — Atlanta, Georgia, USA

96. Summer Fits EPSummer Fits — Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA

97. Progress of EliminationThe Infinity Process — Toledo, Ohio, USA

98. RTP EPReady The Prince — Toronto, Ontario, Canada

99. Up Not DownThe Bright Black — Manchester, England, UK

100. Will We Never Learn?The Pisdicables — London, England, UK

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Originally published at adammarxsmind.wordpress.com on December 18, 2015.

Master Relationship Builder & Networking Consultant 🚀 | prev. CEO @glipple | Published @crunchbasenews, @Startup Grind, @Mattermark| Humorist & music addict

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